User Testimonials

These are some testimonials that have been sent to us by our users -- If you have a story to tell you're more than welcome to share yours!

You have an excellent and very useful site, congratulations! (And yes, you can quote me.)

Robert Brady

Thank you for the amazing educational resource you offer teachers worldwide.

Scarlett Lawrence

I have visited Stands4, and I am very impressed with the resources you make available! is a terrific site.

Carla Beard

You've done a fantastic job; created a great site. I really enjoyed it... your site provides very good information... a great effort of turning a concept into reality.

Peter A. Kasprzak


I recently discovered and have already found it to be an awesome resource - it's a really well-designed site that offers extensive information in an easy-to-sort format.

Rita Friedman

New York, NY

I discovered & then and as a writer these are invaluable sources. Scrolling down I found a 'virtual' library of links full of information. An obsessives paradise. You'll never be short of a fact again when visiting a STANDS4 website.

Andrew Bromley

Mitcham, South Australia

Your site looks really good, comprehensive, easy to use, nice interface with entertaining results from the Micellaneous Funnies category.

Randy Herschaft

Fair Lawn, NJ

Congratulations on the wonderful website! I am a translator and writer and have been looking for a website like this one for years. Thanks!

Cipriana Leme

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I love the site, I use it everyday for personal and business work. You do a great job, thank you for the well designed, easy to use site. Keep up the good work!

David Beck

Woodgate, New York

Enjoy entering my poetry onto your site. It seems much smoother and easier to input than other poetry sites. Remember the old saying: Keep it simple stupid? Thanks for keeping it simple!

Sonia Walker

Caldwell, Idaho

What a GREAT site this is! I cannot heap enough praise upon you!

Kat Schneider

Wichita, Kansas

I have been trying to find a song for about 10 years now and your website did it! Thank you. is such a great site, keep up the great work!

Tim Grech

Blackwood, Victoria, Australia

I’ve only just now joined the rest of the planet, bought a computer, and gotten online. Luckily one of the very first sites I ran across was STANDS4, and I've been absolutely hooked ever since. I get the daily Word and daily Quote every day and I share them with my friends regularly. Thanks for being such a terrific way for me to start my day — I could not have been happier!

Deb Steacy

Surrey, British Columbia

I often come to this site to nose about and get quick answers for things when my students ask me questions that I draw a blank on the answer with. Always learning, even when teaching! - has been an endlessly useful resource for me!

D.A. Kelorii


I'm so excited to get the Quote of the Day and the Word of the Day newsletters -- my daughter and I are trying to use the new daily word all day long ;-) It’s fun!

Teri Easley

Jackson, California

You have help eradicates global illiteracy, I am so grateful!

Jesmion Ibekwe

Uruagu Umudioka, Biafra

The best lyrics website I have ever seen — Absolutely the best!

Jaap Bol

Hilversum, Netherlands

Amazing website! It seems you guys have everything put together in their right places.

Ajah Excel

Owerri, Nigeria

Let me commend you on being such an open and receptive website -- with enough user input, can become the Wikipedia of quotes for posterity.

Joseph Klunder

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